Love great coffee, Love Kahawa

The Best Kahawa

We aim to source our Koffie directly from farmers to you on a seasonal basis to ensure that you drink the best possible Kahawa Koffie.

Freshly Roasted

We freshly roast our Koffie every week and use premium  packaging to ensure that you will drink only the finest & freshest Kahawa Koffie possible.

Personal Delivery

We personally deliver our Kahawa to you, so you don’t have to wait.

Story Behind Kahawa

“Since a young age I have been passionate about coffee and last year I spent a large portion of the year working with farmers in rural Rwanda. This showed me coffee can improve the lives of individuals. Rwanda has had a difficult past with the genocide and coffee has given its people new hope, in recent years the quality has greatly improved as a result of better understanding and education. I want to showcase to the world how sourcing directly from farmers will give the highest quality of coffee.”

-Stean Fasol

Co-founder Kahawa Koffie

secret formula

• Sourced Directly from farmers around the world 
• Naturally grown
• Grown at high altitude ensuring exquisite flavors 
• Fair transparent wages
• Freshly roasted to perfection
• Delivered directly to you

  • Max Meuleman
    Max Meuleman Head of Finance and Sales
  • Niklas Hildebrandt
    Niklas Hildebrandt Head of Strategy
  • Stean Fasol
    Stean Fasol Head of Operations